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License Brands

Dedicated to excellence

Their attention to detail, organization and production capacity are the qualities that enable the Vittorio Virgili company to be an ideal partner for the production and distribution of footwear under licence.

Brand Sartore

Since 2002: They have been licensees for the French Sartore brand and subsequently for the Iceberg brand. Respect for real “Made in Italy” manufacture, the painstaking care taken in all production phases, and authentic, concrete quality make Vittorio Virgili a privileged partner for licensors who need solid, reliable production firms to whom they can entrust their footwear collections.

Depending on requirements, the internal organization is able to deal, from the technical and creative viewpoints, with developing the entire collection starting with the design phase, then going on to prototyping, assembling the model, choosing the materials, hides and accessories, and right down to marketing through a dedicated sales network. Results are always excellent and they have the ability to manage each individual step with quality and expertise – factors that have established this company, over time, as a reference point for licensing projects at international level.