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Between past and future.
Where tradition and craftsmanship blend with technology and innovation to create an outstanding Italian product.


In the Vittorio Virgili factory, the past meets the future, in perfect harmony and continuity. The ancient shoemaker’s craft, with its wealth of trade-secrets, knowledge, time-limits to comply with, manual skill and experience, blends with today’s entrepreneurial culture, steeped in competitiveness and quick response times. The result is an extremely well-organized structure, where each step is carried out in accordance with the craft-working tradition, with care and an abundance of detail, while the time-schedules and expectations of modern management are never neglected.


The factory extends over a surface of more than 3,000 square metres. It was opened in 2002, and houses the production of footwear for men and women with the Vittorio Virgili brand-name and the Sartore and Iceberg licences. The company has over 100 expert master-craftsmen who every day create elegant, timeless shoes, thanks to the help of highly technological machinery and cutting-edge processing techniques. The close link between the owners and each individual worker is real and takes place on a daily basis.